In Nuwara Eliya it will not be another peddling tour roaming around, but will a journey down a scenic lane via mountains, valleys, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, ancient cities, beaches and remote preserved villages. One way or the other you will be more enriched to learn the culture, understand the hospitality of people and be a part of their lifestyle which was inherited and protected by Sri Lankans for more than 2500 years. If you are a professional cycler, there could be a few things you might be considerable about

Trail Grading

It is actually not possible to be precise on the grading of the peddling trails as there could be various factors involved to change these. And there had been a guideline which the rides may be focused on.

  1. Length of the ride for a day
  2. Average altitude
  3. Trail Conditions
  4. Level of backpacking
  5. Temperature and Weather
  6. Humidity
  7. Levels of comfort
Moderate Cycling Tours Sri Lanka

If you ride at your leisure, much regularly – or enjoys taking a weekend cycling the hills or mountains while at home could be taking up the moderate Cycling. These rides would bring you exercise and the gentle roads with a few technical sections off road with options in package would bring you a ride of 5-7 hours a day with a little bit of elevation difference.

Pro Cycling Tours Sri Lanka – specialized at Nuwara Eliya

You want to make it out the rough way, explore and live in the moments of Sri Lanka with the high fitness levels you have gained while back at home – yes, Sri Lanka is ready! Significantly higher altitudes and preferably higher elevations may bring you the adventure and thrill you were always looking for at a ride. The routes are decided with tough trails that would require utmost competence which may offer you a ride of 7-9 hours a day.