Hiking & Trekking


Hiking & Trekking

Sri Lanka has landscapes which would entertain any type of nature or sports enthusiast all around the country. But when it comes to the hill country, especially Nuwara Eliya everything becomes enchanting and magical where you become the sole witness for all the beautiful and misty green assets rising from the ground several 100 metres tall. If you need to feel up the gut with some hiking and trekking – make it through the jungles, tea estates and up towards the mountains in the hill country.

Pack up your bags – but keep in mind;

  • Weather Conditions
  • Length of the trek
  • Duration taken at average
  • Approximated altitude
  • Your personal health conditions

Take up a covering hat to have some shelter from the sun, a pair of sunglasses, sun lotion. Better if you could take up an insect or leech repellant and wear trekking shoes or boots. To avoid the scratches from bushes and branches it is better to be wearing long sleeves shirts. Well, need not say that you might need some soap, salt or lime to get rid of the hanging leeches plus a handy torch with you.

But where to go for hiking or trekking;

  1. Kandy – The medieval Buddhist monasteries of Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake and Ambekke are connected to footpaths that brings scenic landscapes. The trek fallen towards the Dodanwala Dewale from the Thalkotte Railway Station is via forest reserves. If that does not satisfy you enough the Alagalla Mountain, Tea Estates with traditional Kandyan Villages, Hanthana hike, Bahirawakanda Mountain and Udawatta Kale Sanctuary will do.
  2. Knuckles Mountain Range – The human fist shaped mountain range spreaded over 234 sq. km. bordered to the Kandy and Matale districts has around 3 mountain peaks which rise over 915 metres. It would be just a 4 hour ride from Nuwara Eliya to arrive at the Knuckles Mountain Range. Try spending the night there and starting your journey the next day morning. Though it has loads of leeches and would take a substantial duration you would never regret the picturesque sceneries you will come across. You can either start from Riverston or Deanston or Meemure. There are a couple of untouched trails including Pitawala Pathana, Alugallenna and Nitro Cave.
  3. Belihul Oya – It is the connection link between the wet zone and dry zone of Sri Lanka, and due to this unique location it is the home to the highest biodiversity of the country. You may start off from Belihul Oya – rise via Bambarakanda Waterfall and arrive at the Horton Plains National Park 2134 metres above sea level. You will feel the tempt of the dramatic World’s End that drop 890 metres off the Central Highlands. River bathing in the natural rock pool which is created from the streams of Belihul Oya and Kiriketi Oya is a must at the Horton Plains.

Other than for these you can trek through the tea estates to capture the scenic beauty of Nuwara Eliya and also take the World famous Adam’s Peak. And also the Horton Plains offers any trek enthusiast a series of ridges, valleys, mountains and waterfalls with streams being the home to a vast range of flora and fauna.