Pedro Tea Estate


Pedro Tea Estate

Pedro’s Tea Factory lies on the hills, approximately 3.5km from the Nuwara Eliya town with the tea plantations, the Lover’s Leap Ethical Tea Boutique and a small factory – which is a quite fascinating place to visit. If you are just curious on what Lover’s Leap means you will find a waterfall nearby by the same name, which was named after an ancient prince and his lover leapt to their death rejecting to get separated from here. And yes a lot more fable tales around to ponder while having the world famous cup of ‘Ceylon Tea’

Early in the 1880s, the pioneer planter James Taylor planted the very first few tea bushes in Sri Lanka and it was here at the Pedro Tea Estate. Eventhough the factory was burnt down in 1940’s more of the original steel structures and wheels were left. The interest of the location grows as a plenty of vintage machinery could be found in use here.

Some areas of the factory might not allow your cameras and the guides will be careful to inform you before but you will be more than free to witness the entire tea process with your own eyes from sorting, threshing and etc.

The tea boutique is just above the estate and you will be able to have a lush green view of endless tea spreads ahead infront of you from up there. And the view has some specialties as well, like the few international guests planted bushes, lovely conifers and the Bomburella reservoir.

The vintage weighing scale at the boutique will weigh your small boxes of tea which are for sale and you can even relax at the outdoor part the boutique exploring the view at an eve.