St Clair’s Falls


St Clair’s Falls

One of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is commonly known as the ‘Little Niagara of Lanka’. The St Clair’s falls is situated 3 kilometers west of the Thalawakale Town on the Hatton-Thalawakale Highway in Nuwara Eliya District. The Kotmale River a tributary of the longest river in Sri Lanka, River Mahaweli is the water source for the falls – which slopes down over three rock outcrops to a large pool of water.

The waterfall consists of two falls ‘Maha Ella’ (Sinhalese for the Greater Fall) which is approximately 80 metres high and 50 metres wide while the ‘Kuda Ella’ (Sinhalese for the Smaller Fall) is 50 metres high and located just below the downstream of the Maha Ella.

If you have chosen to visit the beauty of St Clair’s – it’s good that you would not be overwhelmed as eventhough it is this huge, it is still the 20th highest fall and there is 19 ahead it.

Due to a power plant project famously known as the Upper Kotmale Project, Sri Lanka’s Last Major Hydro-Electricity Project waterfalls including the St. Clair’s has got affected. Due to major protests by the environmentalists the authorities have decided to allow a limited quantity of water to keep the continuous fall of the St Clair’s for 10 hours and 30 minutes daily between the sunrises and sunset.